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09 July, 2017

Six types of politicians which the mainstream media will give 'podium' for different reasons

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The mainstream media will give podium to different types of politicians for different reasons:

  • MSM will give podium and promote new politicians in the political arena who simply pay a lot of money for this purpose. It is almost certain that this type of politicians are completely aligned with the establishment.

  • Of course, MSM will give podium and fully promote veterans in the political field (e.g., Hillary Clinton), who have repeatedly proven their loyalty to the establishment in multiple ways.

  • MSM will give podium to 'useful idiots'. These are politicians who have become part of the establishment, not necessarily because they are personally benefited, but because they are convinced that current status quo is the best we can have to run societies. Frequently, MSM gives them the profile of the 'cool guy' who is particularly likeable to the voters.

  • MSM will give podium to politicians who are considered a real threat for the establishment (e.g., Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Jean-Luc Melenchon), but only as much as needed to damage their reliability by using a certain strategy. This, of course, must be done in a totally controlled environment in which the top-paid pundits will attempt to do the dirty job.

  • MSM will give podium and promote through the 'back door' the 'crypto-establishment' politicians. These are politicians, almost always coming from the far-right (e.g., Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen), who appear to be anti-establishment, but in reality they are nothing more than a reserve of the establishment. They are particularly useful to disorientate the masses from the real enemy (the plutocracy), towards vulnerable and easily targeted groups (e.g. immigrants). They are also particularly useful to divide the electorate and drive it away from politicians who are a real threat for the establishment.

  • MSM will give podium and fully promote establishment politicians who are presented as something new and innovative (e.g. Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron) when voters lose faith to traditional politicians, or political powers. These are frequently promoted through some superficial characteristics and symbolism, in order to trick the voters and make them believe that are truly something new. In reality their mission is to secure current status and go 'business as usual'.

Are there any others that could be added in the list?

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